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Grid Card

GridID is a simple, secure and cost effective two-factor authentication token based on security grids.

A security grid contains a matrix of random numbers and letters in easily marked columns and rows. These security grids are typically printed on credit card-sized plastic cards that can be easily carried in user’s wallets, or they can be printed on the back of employee access badges, credit cards or ATM cards. It can also be delivered to users in confidential letters, emails or SMS messages.

How It Works

  • Challenge/Response

    The easiest way to use GridID is challenge and response. At logon, the DualShield Authentication Server generates a random challenge code which is a sequence of coordinates, and requests the user to enter the letters at those coordinates as the logon password.

  • One-Time Password

    While Challenge and Response (C/R) is easy to use, unfortunately not all applications support C/R. For instance, many VPN gateways do not support C/R. For applications that do not support C/R, users can use the GridID as an one-time password token. To generate an one-time password, users choose a start point randomly on the card then navigate randomly (free navigation) or follow a path that is only known to the users themselves (secret navigation).

  • PIN Protected

    Users can protect their security grid cards with a PIN or password. At each logon, users generate an one-time password by randomly selecting a start point in the grid and navigate on a secret path that is only known to the users. The secret navigation path is encoded and easily memorized as a PIN or password. This unique, patent-pending technology protects users’ credentials even when their security grid cards have been lost or stolen.