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TypeSense is a software-only authentication solution based on the science of typeprint recognition that uses keystroke dynamics to accurately identify a user by the way they type characters across a keyboard.

How it works

Keystroke Dynamics technology extracts the distinctive characteristics found in typed sequences of characters, and creates a statistically unique signature from the typing patterns of a person. These distinctive features include the duration for which keys are held and the elapsed time between successive keystrokes.

Scientific research has proven that Keystroke Dynamics is reliable and accurate. A National Bureau of Standards (NBS) study concluded that keystroke biometric authentication achieved at least 98% accuracy. Since then, the technology of keystroke biometric has further improved to the level that is comparative to other biometric solutions such as fingerprint and voiceprint. typesense

Key Features

  • No Hardware Required

    Unlike fingerprint and other biometric solutions that require a special hardware reader or scanner, TypeSense does not need to install any new hardware – it works with the standard computer keyboard.
  • No Software Installed

    TypeSense does not require any software to be pre-installed on the user’s PC for web-based applications. The TypeSense client is a small Flash-based app that is embedded in the user’s logon page, delivered in real-time to the user.
  • Nothing to Carry, Lose, or Forget

    Across all types of authentication technologies, TypeSense is the only solution that does not require users to carry any device. All you need are your hands!
  • Nothing Extra to Type at Logon

    With all other authentication methods, you are always asked to provide some extra codes. With TypeSense, you will be asked to type what you always enter at logon: your username and password. TypeSense is completely transparent to the users.
  • Flexible Enrolment

    TypeSense can be enrolled immediately in the registration process by intensive training, or gradually over a period of time by adaptive learning.