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Password Reset

Resetting forgotten login passwords of domain users has been an important but time consuming task that a helpdesk team has to deal with on a regular basis. A password reset call has to be addressed in a timely manner in order to avoid employee downtime and productivity loss. It is estimated that at least 40% help desk tickets are related to password resets, and on an average each ticket takes about 20 minutes. It is not only time consuming, it also prevents the helpdesk from focusing on other more important issues.

A self service password reset solution that allows end users to self reset their windows Active Directory (AD) domain passwords without calling the helpdesk would be very beneficial to organisations in all sizes. A self service password reset and management solution not only reduces the number of help desk password calls but also enhances the productivity of end users by averting unnecessary and prolonged waits.

DualShield provides a secure, web-based self-service portal that enables users to remotely manage, change, reset their AD passwords, and to unlock their AD accounts. DualShield can send password expiry notifications and securely automate the end-user password resets and account unlocks with SMS/E-mail verification code and/or security questions.

Password Self Service Benefits

  • Empower all domain users to proactively and securely self reset / change login passwords with ease from a web portal.
  • Free the helpdesk of password service calls and allow them to concentrate on more pressing issues.
  • Allow all users to reset their domain login passwords from any where at any time using any web browser
  • Allow domain users to set questions which are comfortable and relevant for themselves to answer like mother's maiden name, favorite foods or places etc.
  • Notify users on soon to expire password.