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Outlook Web App (Previously Outlook Web Access) enables you to use a Web browser to access your Microsoft Exchange mailbox, calendars, contacts, tasks from any computer with an Internet connection. Outlook Web Access is an- effective solution for people who require roaming, remote access, or cross-platform functionality.

DualShield MFA for Outlook Web App adds two-factor authentication to its logon process, with the full range of authentication methods and tokens that the DualShield MFA platform offers.

Key Features

  • Easy to Integrate

    DualShield for OWA is a part of the DualShield IIS Agent which can be enabed to add a layer of two-factor authentication on top of any web applications running on a IIS server. The DualShield IIS Agent can be easily integrated into the customer’s Exchange CAS server without causing any interruption to the Exchange service.
  • Staged Migration

    DualShield for OWA supports the concurrent use of both AD password and a second factor authentication for different users within the domain. The requirement for two-factor authentication is controlled by a set of polices which can be applied to users, AD groups and OUs. This enables a staged, non-interruptive migration of users to strong authentication when convenient & appropriate.
  • Native AD integration

    DualShield delivers true native LDAP support for direct integration with Active Direcotry servers. Native AD support does not require change to the database schema, does not require import from the database and does not require synchronization. Any changes made to the Active Directory are immediately effective in DualShield in real time.
  • Versatile Authentication Choices

    DualShield for OWA supports all authentication methods that are supported by the DualShield platform. These include:

    • On-Demand Password
    • One-Time Password
    • Out-of-Band Push
    • Computer Fingerprint
    • FIDO Security Keys
    • Smartcard Certificate
    • Keystroke Dynamics
    • Voice Recognition
    • Face Recognition
  • Flexible Policies

    DualShield provides a set of authentication and access control policies that enable granular administrative access control down to a user, machine, group or unit. For instance, in a circumstance where a user or machine needs to be exempted from two-factor authentication, the network administrator can put the user or machine in the exception list.

Supported Browsers

DualShield for OWA supports all major browser, including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.