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Token Lifecycle Management

If you are a customer of Office 365, then some of your users, if not all, have to use the OATH hardware tokens, e.g. Deepnet SafeID, to verify themselves in the sign-in process enabled with multi-factor authentication (MFA). You might have found out, or will find out, that it can be very time consuming, if not difficult, to manage tokens in Azure AD, as Microsoft does not provide a token lifecycle management system. That is the exact reason why SafeID Token Service (STS) has been developed.

SafeID Token Service (STS) provides a Web-based GUI console that allows customers to manage the full lifecycle of the SafeID tokens by simply pointing and clicking. Using STS, you do not need to manipulate the CSV file and you do not need to upload the CSV file either. You can easily assign, activate, deactivate, unassign, delete and replace a token etc, with simple clicks.

Global Admin Not Required

In fact, there is another key reason why customers want to use the SafeID Token Management Service instead of the Azure AD portal to manage hardware tokens. With the Azure AD portal, only global administrators are allowed to manage hardware tokens. Whereas with the SafeID service portal, any users can be allowed to manage hardware tokens. SafeID Token Service has its own role-based access control system that allows you to define roles and privileges according to your exact requirements.

Supports Authenticator App

If your organisation decides to deploy the authenticator app instead of the hardware token to the majority of users, then you will find that token management can still be challenging. You can also use the SafeID Token Service to manage the SafeID Authenticator app, and ask your users to use SafeID Authenticator with Office 365. SafeID Authenticator runs on smart phones as well as on Windows PCs and Mac workstations.

You can use the SafeID Token Service to deploy the SafeID Authenticator directly to your users, and manage the lifecycle of the authenticator app, such as remote install, delete and policy control etc.

Supports Salesforce and OKTA

SafeID Token Service also supports Salesforce and OKTA. If you are a customer of Salesforce or OKTA, and your users need to use hardware tokens, then SafeID tokens and SafeID Token Service are the ideal solutions.