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DualTrust is a browser in a sandbox that is immune to virus, malwares and key-loggers. It is ideal for online banking, e-trading and web shopping.


In 2005, phishing became a common problem for all web browsers.

In 2005, we released Deepnet Explorer - the first anti-phishing web browser in the world that has helped millions of Internet users fight against phishing websites. Today, all leading web browsers have followed suit and provided anti-phishing features.

The main purpose of phishing websites is to steal users' online identity. While all leading browsers today do provide anti-phishing features that help users in detecting phishing websites in the cloud, they are helpless in preventing attacks by other ways of identity theft - malwares such as key-loggers and Trojans that infect the user's host operating system.

Today, malware is still a common problem for all web browsers.

Today, we have done it again! We have taken a completely new approach to protecting users from malwares and launched a new solution, DualTrust, that will keep all malwares away from your web browser.

DualTrust uses Chrome, Linux and Virtual Box to create a secure and safe browsing environment that is immune to all malwares that have infected the user's host operating system.

How it Works

multiboxUnlike a standard web browser that may run a sandbox within the browser, DualTrust runs a standard web browser within a sandbox.

DualTrust runs a web browser in a completely separate guest operating system (a hardened Linux OS) in a separate virtual machine (VirtualBox), thereby keeps the browser isolated and away from the host operating system and blocks malwares in the host operating system from infecting the web browser. Furthermore, each time DualTrust is restarted, it is reset to a certified boot image, thereby eliminating any malware that might have gotten through from the Internet in the previous session.

DualTrust is lightweight and portable. It safely runs on top of the user's existing operating system without the need of rebooting the user's machine. It can also be carried in a USB drive and runs straight off the USB drive without the need of software installation.

In other words, DualTrust is a lightweight, portable, hot-booting virtual machine with a hardened Linux OS and Chrome browser.

Free Download

DualTrust is free for personal use. Click here to download